Diverse Messaging Capabilities


Send messages that are purely text or a combination of text and emojis.


Send videos to users, which can be played directly on the app.


Send images to users. The API enables sending of PNG, JPG and JPEG files.

Interactive Button

Provide different calls-to-action or quick replies so users can complete actions more quickly.


Send files (PDF, etc.) for users to download.


Share location (inclusive of latitude and longitude).

Application Scenario

An Excellent Solution

Onmnichannel Services

Use WhatsApp and UMS's other products at the same time to enable onmnichannel customer engagement.

A Powerful API

WhatsApp Business enables effective communication between businesses and their target audience. New features – Quick Reply and Chatbot – allow for speedy and meaningful interaction.

Data Security

As Meta's authorized service provider, AURORA will host its data in our data center. The API is GDPR-compliant and secured with WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption.

Start WhatsApp Business Easily

  • Create an Account. Create a free AURORA account.

  • Enable API Log in to AURORA and enable WhatsApp Business API; Meta and we will do a review.

  • Get Started After passing our review, you can use REST API to develop, debug and launch your app.

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