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Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Short Use Duration/Low User Retention Rate

In the era of video, it is harder to get new users and address the bottlenecks in user stickiness, user activeness, and use duration of image and text content.

Difficulties in Self-developed Video Systems

It is difficult for you to independently develop a video technology system. The user experience is very bad even though you have input lots of labor and time.

Lack of Self-produced Video Content

Your self-produced video content is unprofessional and costly. Video content directly from top content providers is costly and inefficient in process.

Difficulties in Video Content Operations

Due to the cumbersome processes of video content operations, such as review, labeling, and classification, it is hard to get started quickly, leading to low operational efficiency and poor results.

What Are the Functions of VaaS?

Why You Should Choose JVaaS

Comprehensive and Rich Video Content

We can fully meet your needs with our 140 million genuine high-quality videos, 100,000+ top contracted content creators and content in 234 secondary categories and 48 primary categories.

Diverse Ways to Display Videos

Our video display methods include immersive, drawer, box, single-row waterfall and double-row waterfalls, etc., basically covering all the known application scenarios of short video information flows.

Sound and Secure Guarantee Mechanism

Through the "one auto review + three manual reviews" approach, our professional review team can ensure content security, blocking any content that involves pornography, politics, and violence.

Powerful Video Technologies

Our core technology development team has been committed to the industry for 15 years, empowering video system establishment.

They All Choose JVaaS

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