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Have You Ever Encountered These Problems?

Low Ad Revenue

Difficulties in addressing the bottlenecks in advertising revenue

Poor Ad User Experience

Styles of the new advertising space conflicting with scenarios, affecting user experience

Inadequate Trending Ad Topics

Being unable to keep up with the rapid changes in monetization strategy in the industry

JUnion Can Help You

Why Should You Choose JUnion?

Diverse Advertising Styles

Banners, interstitial ads, floating ads, information flow and other advertising forms, meeting diverse needs with a monetization-experience balance.

Intelligent Algorithms for More Advertising Revenue

Our 500+ user tags and unique intelligent algorithms allow for targeting potential users and increasing the advertising revenue via accounts with traffic.

Adequate Advertising Budgets

With sound cooperation with dozens of advertisers, we are able to ensure a high fill rate.

They All Choose JUnion

High-Quality Traffic

  • 花生日记

  • 水印相机

  • B612咔叽

  • WIFI万能钥匙

  • 雷速体育

  • 酷狗大字版

  • 无他相机

  • 超强清理大师

  • 刷宝短视频

  • 书旗小说

  • U净

  • 中青看点

  • 快音

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