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Established at the end of 2003, the Credit Card Center of China Everbright Bank (CEB) is the first business unit of the bank. As of the end of 2018, it has issued a total of 60,527,300 credit cards, with 15,264,000 new cards issued that year. Through its more than 100 types of distinctive credit card products of different areas, including culture, public welfare, sports, fashion, family, it has offered thoughtful credit card services to tens of millions of cardholders across China, and won more than two hundred awards from all sectors of society, ranking top in the industry in China.

Customer Needs

CEB Credit Card Yang Guang Hui Sheng Huo (Yang Guang App) keeps seeking more timely, stable, and safe push approaches to meet the needs of platform and users. Meanwhile, as the backbone of the first-tier credit card centers in China, Yang Guang App has launched rich rewards and activities for users. But for users, it is too time-consuming to check the timeliness and applicability of rewards and activities one by one.


With the user-defined encryption standards in line with the SM2 algorithm of Chinese national standards, JPush is able to provide users with financial-class protection, greatly reducing the risk of information hijacking. We added a tailored push notification review mechanism for the customer, to ensure that all notifications pushed through the JPush platform are released after a second check, thus securing the accuracy of messages and avoiding push notification accidents.

Besides, based on our precise user portrait function and the tracking and after-effect analysis on push notifications, we help Yang Guang App constantly improve its push policies for refined and individualized intelligent push, thus avoiding disturbance to users caused by useless information and raising the click-through rate and user conversion rate.


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